Terça-feira, 19 de Setembro de 2006

Marissa Miller

So it’s summer. And hot. So I thought I would cool you off with some nice Marissa Miller bikini pictures for no particular reason. The thing I like about girls like Marissa Miller is that even though they know that they are so hot that people will literally fall dead at just the site of them, they still come out dressed like that. It’s all about natural selection. I’m a scientist. Of love.


Cartoons às 11:07
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. Joana Prado

. Alyssa Milano

. Marissa Miller

. Adriana Karembeu

. Trish Stratus

. Kelly Brooks

. avril lavigne

. Cameron Michelle Diaz

. Catherine Zeta Jones

. Charlize Theron

. jennifer lovehewitt

. Gisele bundchen

. Ana Kournikova

. Carmen Electra

. Shakira

. Fergie---Black Eyed Peas

. Paris Hilton

. Raven Riley

. Taija Lynn

. Jessica Simpson

. Dita von Teese

. Angelina Jolie

. 'Dirrty' Christina Aguile...

. Dear Britney

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